Когда ты отдохнул не совсем так, как планировал, но весело!

отпуск — любимая пора! Природа, море, речка, шашлыки! Каждый, кто приезжает отдохнувшим, привозит с собой фотографии, где отображены самые хорошие моменты отпуска! Но иногда среди фото попадаются интересные, а иногда и просто смешные!

Parola (lighthouse) Biondo side of Manila harbor is home to 20,000 squaters who live between port facilities and the mout of the Pasig River. The river winds through downtown Manila, and carries refuse that gets deposited on the shore beneath Parola’s stilt houses.
Here Rodello Coronel Jr. 13 y.o., the second of nine children in his family, spends the morning picking through the trash on shore looking for recylable plastic, which sellls for 13 pesos (35 US cents) per kilo. His mother can be reached at tel:09083518965. The next day I saw him in his smart-looking school uniform with a small briefcase holding his homework papers.
With a rapidly growing population, the slums of Manila have extended onto coastal mudflats and waterways that are very susceptible to flooding from storms and rising sea levels. The government is trying to move these people out of the hazard areas, but have agreed that that they must be moved to new areas nearby from which they can reasonably commute to work (less than 25km).
For more info contact Dennis Murphy of the Philippine NGO Urban Poor Associates Urban Poor Associates

Dede’s trash barrel. Java 2012. Mandatory photo credit: Noyle/A-Frame
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Когда ты отдохнул не совсем так, как планировал, но весело!